All campus staff are required to raise an assigned campus budget to support all activities through financial partnerships. As a 501c3, all gifts are tax-deductible.

Benefits to Partnership

Our mission is to see students lives transformed, Texas Southern served, and the world changed. Below are some benefits to you financially supporting the ministry of InterVarsity at Texas Southern.

Small Effort, Big Gain

Having faith in ONE student changes their ENTIRE outlook

Guaranteed Return on Investment

Over 2000 students reached in less than THREE years

Contributing to Emerging Leaders

Development of ONE student for as little as $20/month

Gift Plan

The fiscal year for the annual budget is from July 1 to June 30. An estimated 75% of the budget funds the ministry and the additional 25% handles all administrative fees. Below is a gift plan outlining partnership levels necessary to meet the campus budget.

Leadership Gifts                            
Gift of $5,000/year
Gift of $3,000/year

Major Gifts  Click Here to Partner at This Level
Gift of $200/month or $2,400/year
Gift of $150/month or $1,800/year
Gift of $84/month or $1,000/year (Recommended)

Sustaining Gifts
Gift of $50/month
Gift of $30/month
Gift of $20/month

Click here to partner with a One-Time Gift

Ways to Financially Partner

There are 3 primary ways to financially support the ministry of InterVarsity at Texas Southern.

1) Give directly to our staff. Partner with the staff work of Chelir Grady throughout her time with InterVarsity.

Click here to donate to Chelir Grady

2) Give directly to the Texas Southern Campus account. Partner with current and future InterVarsity staff work at Texas Southern.

Click here to donate to the Texas Southern Campus Account

3) Give directly to the Chapter (Undergraduate Students) account. Partner to assist students with conference/retreat costs or chapter events on campus. Mail a check made out to “Texas Southern InterVarsity” to be deposited into our on-campus account.

Mailing Address:
Chelir Grady
3323 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005