InterVarsity uses several outreach programs to actively engage students in bible study and the exploration of biblical principles. Through a series of surveys and various interactions with students, it is evident most TSU students identify themselves as Christians; however, many have expressed how they have succumbed to some of the pressures of worldly college living making it harder to live a true Christian lifestyle. It is our desire to reach the campus in non-traditional ways so students and faculty have opportunities to grow in Christ, be united, and live purposed to change the campus and surrounding community.

Taboo Tuesdays

When: Every Tuesday
Time: 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Location: Student Center (Room Varies)

Taboo Tuesday is InterVarsity’s new weekly outreach seeking to discuss topics which are very relevant, but not often discussed within the Christian community. Because there are a number of Bible Studies offered on campus, we desired to bring something a little different to Texas Southern. Taboo Tuesdays will always be Bible-based, but information will be dispersed through panel discussions, forums, classroom style lectures, social experiments, games, small group discussions, etc. Students will never know what their experience will consist of each week because our hope is to keep it fresh. We desire for these discussions to only wet participant’s appetite, as they continue the discussion through various means after the outreach.

Proxe Stations

When: Varies
Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location: Varies

Proxes are interactive displays used to explore different themes ultimately leading one to the gospel presentation. Some of the proxe stations TSU InterVarsity has used includes Do Black Lives Matter proxe, which explores how Christ deals with the issue of race and injustice within the Black Community, Red Cup, which explores how students are meeting or satisfying their needs and wants, and Fakin’ It, which explores how we fake it, how others fake it, what Jesus says about faking it, and what it means to be real. Additional proxe stations can be created or selected throughout the school year.

Worship Nights

When: Varies
Time: Varies
Location: Varies

At least once a year InterVarsity at Texas Southern offers a worship night on campus. Through musical worship, videos, creative arts, and a topical message, we explore the relevance of Jesus to our lives today. Whether it is to Show More Love or Ignite TSU, we believe it is important that the students, faculty, and staff gather in a positive, loving atmosphere, even if for just one night.