InterVarsity holds various mission programs throughout the year, providing students with opportunities to step forward with God in His mission. Whether through training or a mission trips, these programs are a great way for students to have experiences outside of their comfort zone as God grows their heart and understanding of others. Students can expect in no way to leave the same.

Students Training in Missions

For sophomores and aboveSTiM is a robust missions training program that can be matched with any of our summer programs. Over three weekends in the spring you’ll join a team of students and together you’ll experience what’s at the center of mission. As you apply for STiM, you’ll be matched with a summer program.

For First Year students only, we offer the LAUNCH Combo. Make the first summer of college the best of your life for your relationship with Jesus. You’ll come to the Rec Week conference in late May with your fellowship and then the San Antonio Urban Program for six weeks during June and July. Do both and we’ll discount you $500. Contact the region for more details.

San Antonio Urban Plunge (SAUP)

Date: March 12-18, 2016
Location: San Antonio, TX
Cost: $125 (includes lodging and meals)

SAUP is the Red River Region’s annual Spring Break Mission Trip held over the course of two weeks based on each campus’ Spring Break week. This spring break, explore seeking justice and reconciliation in the center of San Antonio. Join a movement of students willing to step out in faith to understand more of who Jesus is and what his gospel means for our cities. Click for more information about this year’s SAUP.

Summer Mission Programs

Summer mission programs are designed for your discipleship and to be a mutual blessing with the people you serve. Red River offers three summer programs directly or they can partner you with another InterVarsity summer program around the nation. Contact the region for more details.

National Mission Programs and Projects

Urban Projects

Urban Projects are ministry experiences that take place in major cities across the United States each year. For a weekend, a week, or a summer, we ask you to step into the lives of those living in poverty in cities, to learn their stories, to see the faces behind the social issues being debated in our nation.

Through this incarnational ministry, students find that they learn a lot about themselves. Reading scripture and examining life through the lens of the marginalized and oppressed, God brings us to a place to confront our own sense of entitlement, materialism, greed, pride, idolatry, racial attitudes and cultural prejudices. And from there, Urban Projects create a space to experience repentance, forgiveness, and healing in the context of community.

Click here for more information about Urban Projects.

Global Urban Trek

The Global Urban Trek is part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s summer Global Projects. It is a 6 week trip designed to immerse college students in urban slums around the world. While in these communities, they’ll volunteer their time in service ministries alongside the poor of those communities and seeking to love the poor as Jesus does. Participants will be asked to seriously consider long-term service to the poor in the future.

Click here for more information about Global Urban Treks.