A Powerful Experience with an Emotional Ending! 

Have you ever had such a powerful experience mix with a lot of emotions and learning experiences. Well that exactly what my spring break was for me. 12 of us from TSU and PV InterVarsity attended SAUP( San Antonio Urban Program) where the experience was truly life changing. I wish I could honestly express every emotion I felt from Day 1 until Day 7…but I can say this…for seven days I bonded with a group of people who seem to all be there for one reason. We were all looking for God to show us how powerful He is, and that’s what He did.

God broke each and everyone of us that were there down and made us step out of our confront zone, facing some of our biggest issues. We faced race issues together, we dealt with poverty issue, we dealt with having a limited amount of money to eat together, but most importantly we worshipped God together. I honestly wish I could explain the feeling I got from this trip, but I can say that it has me made even more thirsty to do what God is telling me. 

 Spending my Spring Break at SAUP was probably the third best choice I made in a long time after moving to Texas and joining InterVarsity. It made me step outside of myself and realize just how much I actually have to give, and how much God wants to use us if we are actually willing to allow Him. 

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