To the People WE Go!

On Thursday, InterVarsity hosted a Meet and Great Mixer in hopes people would come out and fellowship with us and learn more about what our organization stands for. We order pizza, prepared goodie bags with candy, and had games ready to be played. All we needed were people to show up!  An hour went by and the only people that where there was the members..So what do you do when you have all this food and no people? Well you take the Meet and Great outside!

We hit the Tiger Walk and anyone who walked past was offered food, a flyer, and love. What a better way to show what InterVarsity stands for than to go out and show people. One thing I have learned is things don’t always go the way we plan, but we can still go out and reach people no matter what. God only wants to know that we are willing to do so in His honor! I know God was smiling down on InterVarsity and preparing us to do more on TSU campus!!

Kyla Smith

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