The Do’s and Don’t of the Turn Up

With Spring Break coming up we decided to have a good discussion about what are the Do’s and Don’t to turning up during Spring Break. When being a Christian sometimes we think we cannot “turn up” or have fun because we have given our life to Christ. That’s not true! God gives us guidelines when it comes to turning up and going out!

God doesn’t say we are not able to go out, but He doesn’t want you so drunk you embarrass yourself…Why? Simple, we are an example of what it means to be a Christian and if we go out and turn up like everyone else does, how can we truly call ourselves followers of Christ!! Ladies be mindful of the things you wear. You don’t want to wear anything that would cause a guy to think you might be easy going. Guys watch out for those ladies that are not afraid to wear it all out…you don’t want them to be the reason for your downfall!

I hope everyone enjoys their Spring Break and remember God can use you wherever you go. So always keep home with you even while you are out.

Kyla Smith

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