Questioning is the Black Church Dead?

Taboo Tuesday Topic: Is the Black Church Dead? Our Panelist were Angela Harris, Pastor Juanita Rasmus, Paster Manson Johnson and John Eigege

When we asked the speakers is the Black Church dead and what actually is considered the black church? The answer without a doubt was No! Black church is considered to be a black community whose main focus is helping the community and as long as black people exist black churches will never die!  

It was actually a wonderful event and if you missed it I feel sorry for you, but I am going to leave you with a few things I learned. When going to a church you should always look for a place that helps you take ownership in your relationship with God. Stand Bold in Christ! Black Churches must make teaching its people important! The panelist gave three main things they should be teaching – Freedom, Clean thinking and living, and Economic Bonding. Being a Christian is not about feeling down about the choices you have made in the past, but its facing them with God and setting yourself a part from your past so that He can use you. 

These are really just a few points from the night, but if you are looking for a church that can help you better your walk with God feel free to reach out to one of the IV members and we would gladly help you find a church that work for you! Have a blessed week and hopefully you can make it to the next Taboo Tuesday event! 

Kyla Smith

Check out the videos for the night under our Events page. 

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