Bearing More Fruit at TSU

Thursday’s discussion got me thinking, am I bearing any fruit on my vines? Does my actions truly glorify God and all the things that he wants me to do!? In the bible it uses an olive tree a lot to explain how God works through us, simply because it is the only tree that you can cut a branch off, plant it in the ground, and it can still produce.

In John 15:1-17 (our Core Team Passage for this week) Jesus tells us that He is the vine and God is the gardener. When God chose us he cleaned us with His words. And as long as we stay in Him we produce more fruit, but without him we will bear nothing. The only things Jesus asks of us is to love others like he loves us.

It is our job to share Jesus love around TSU campus because lot of time people might not understand what it means to feel love like that. But we do and we need to show them that we are no different than them. So if Jesus can use us to bear fruit, than he can use them no matter what there past or current might look like. Jesus still loves them and wants them to be a part of his garden as well.

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