Reflecting on OUR AnniVarsity

WOW! It’s been two years since InterVarsity has been on the campus of TSU. I never would have thought this group of people would become family.

It all started with a “red cup proxe” my freshman year in 2013 and once I went to the women’s small group the rest was history. Being a member has been one of my best moments of my college experience. I barely had any friends my freshman year & was always complaining it was hard for me to make friends since I have to commute to campus every other day, so I would look forward to my weekly meetings with my IV fam.

I’m also glad God called Chelir to be our leader/advisor. She has been very dedicated to see TSU being changed through us and more students getting a relationship with God. She has taught us so much and IV wouldn’t be what it is today without her!! So THANK YOU.

Even though we didn’t have as many members as we do now and started small, our family keeps growing. I see God using us all to do many great things on campus. HAPPY ANNIVARSITY! We’re only getting BETTER. Love you all and God bless!!!!

Shannon Jackson
Texas Southern Junior
Member Since Spring 2014

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