What I Learned about God & Slavery

Every Tuesday is what we like to call “Taboo Tuesday” for Intervarsity. It has become something special to me because I can engage with other believers in Christ and receive a great message every week. This past Tuesday the topic was “Is God okay with slavery.” It was really fun how we played a game at the beginning to simulate part of the message. The game showed how some people can have authority over others, in a sense showing how slavery was. After the game we had a pretty intense and informative open dialogue.

I overall gained a great understanding of the topic through our group discussion. I learned that God wants us to be slaves to his righteousness. Romans 6:18 says, “You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.” We must understand that God wants us to be servants to him only. Being a servant to another person is not okay. The fun interactive game and open table dialogue really helped me understand the topic and it was a fantastic experience.

Aaron “AJ” Dallas
Texas Southern Freshmen
Member Since Fall 2015

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